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Investing in your bright future with Venture Investment Capital

Venture Investment Capital is a democratic, collective and transparent venture investment fund, which is based on blockchain technology.

VI Capital company uses its own currency based on the Ethereum smart-contract platform. This currency is called Venture Investment Coin or VI Coin.

VI Coin is a multi-purpose coin that can be used as an investment and voting tool with reward payments as well as a trading currency.

Our currency has liquidity and can be exchanged into Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any other currency on exchanges.

Our team has partnerships with international research companies that provide massive market data analysis on American, Chinese, and Indian markets.

The main goal of our company is to create possibilities for small entrepreneurs and inventors with a final goal to maximize dividends for our investors.

How does it work?

Our vision is to provide investment and guidance for various businesses and small entrepreneurs that have promising ideas and innovative products.

These investments will be available to the various businesses and small entrepreneurs whom don’t have enough funds to make their products known, or to produce their product on a mass scale and be able to effectively market it to the public. So how are we different from traditional Venture Investors? Why not simply use a bank?

Here's why:

First and foremost, all banks will ask for collateral. Not every young and ambitious entrepreneur with a business plan is an owner of real estate or valuable goods that can meet the banks strict and demanding requirements. In this case, an entrepreneur can go to a traditional Venture or Angel investor and make negotiations on behalf of his or her project. We as 'Venture Investment Capital' have several advantages over traditional local Venture and Angel investors You can read more about the process in our White Paper.

About project

What makes this coin different from others?

Our main goal is to diversify income sources and decrease investment risks. We invest in the future projects, that potentially can reach nationwide, and international level. With our financial help and guidance, we can turn small enterprises into large companies. Dividends paid to coin holders will increase annually, due to development of multiple businesses under guidance of VI Capital. The value of the coin will grow accordingly because of the passive dividends that it brings.

Venture investment coin value is determined by two main factors:

Market demand

Intrinsic value of businesses that Venture Investment Capital co-owns

Venture Investment Capital includes project advisers who have deep knowledge of various markets, and can help entrepreneurs to make their projects successful. Our marketing campaign will target United States, Europe, China, Russia, India, and many other countries.

Competitive advantages

We use our peer review mechanism for the evaluation of business projects.

We use our international expertise and knowledge from the global markets.

We have partnerships with research groups, that provide information from the largest world markets.

We use blockchain technology to ensure that our voting and dividends payment system is fair, secure and free of manipulation.

Venture Investment Coin -
Valuable, Innovative, Creative

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ICO Funds (100% Budget):

Development budget. Web and application development

Administrative and legal fees

Investment fund


Reserve fund

Web security, software license

Road map


September 30th – October 7th


October 21nd – November 30th

Project will be opened for investment reviews

January 8th

Listed on exchanges

early December

First investment


Launch of fully functional VI platform

March 2018

Investment Health application development

April 2018 – August 2018

Meet our team

Vladyslav Antonov

Vladyslav Antonov

CEO, Founder

Cyber security specialist, Blockchain and decentralized economics enthusiast

Mengran Bi

Mengran Bi

Business and Marketing Analyst

East Asia marketing specialist

Andrey Chernyi

Andrey Chernyi

Lead developer

ex-Marox.Digital. 6 years of experience in web development: production, outsourcing, outstaff. Worked on projects of well-known brands (WOG, Paymaster, AXA Insurance, Meda, etc.). VMBRELLA co-founder

Victor Kolb

Victor Kolb

Front-end developer, ex-Codelnaya (, (largest e-book platform in Russia). Also has significant knowledge in UI/UX area

Karl Swank

Karl Swank

Real estate, marketing and business specialist

Cryptocurrency investor. Traditional securities and commodities specialist

Raphael Teixiera

Raphael Teixiera

Business and Marketing Analyst

South America marketing specialist

Frank J. Kerns

Frank J. Kerns (advisory)

Brokerage / Logistics Lead

Entrepreneur, founder of SPEEDWERKZ Exotic Car Museum and supporter of North American GTLM teams

Ron Hansen

Ron Hansen (advisory)


Experienced specialist in management of associated risk transfer instruments

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For general inquiries, and questions about Venture Investment Capital or token sale: